Specialized in:

-Wired/Wireless Networking Setup (including the set up with PDA/Pager that have Wi-Fi built-in)
-Anti-Virus/Spyware Checkup/Removal
-Installation (or Upgrade)/Reinstallation the OS softwares or other
softwares/hardwares (such as video card upgrade, memory upgrade, DVD, etc.)
-Web Design
-Graphic Design (Business Cards/Flyers/Post Card & etc.)
-Photo restoring/retouching
-Data Recovery or transferring
-Diagnostic the computer/laptop for troubleshooting
-Remote and fix your computer/laptop via internet
-TV & Movie Productions (On hold - Not available yet)
-And many more!!

Need Help? How?

Not sure that your computer/laptop is in trouble? Unable for me to come over or unable to drop off?? Sure not a problem, I am here to help you to assist through remote and fix your computer/laptop via internet. Ask me how! This should make your life very simple and reasonable!